dear T

there’s a reason to my obsession

when red and yellow abandoned me in a land

where my skin was of a color

everyone worshipped but no one wanted

the purple dress smiled at me

like an infant smiles at her mother

when she returns home;


mine was made of hearts colder than the 1941 russian winter

the desperate search for warmth

 led  me to the terrace of a  building

‘‘the  pavement floor 12 storeys down

will be my final blanket’’-it was then that

my eyes spotted a violet umbrella through the rain

‘how rare’ i wondered

‘so are you’ my soul cried out;

this is part of the reason why i smiled at you

on that sultry summer afternoon

your lilac shirt reminded me of

that rainy day- the same way one remembers

their first kiss-an event that changes nothing around you

but  changes you;

‘‘always start a new chapter in life after seeking blessings

from the guru’’ my mother used to say-

so now you know why i want to be proposed

in France, amidst the rows of lavender;

purple is the only messiah i have known

and you my only true blessing.

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  • Bewitching, enchanting , beautiful , mesmerizing and every syllable rhymes with my heart beats! 🦋


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