By Nitya Sharma

A dew drop

Embracing the yellow of the sun

Cascading like a waterfall

Onto the transparency of the pearl

The pearl studded onto the petals

Of a freshly breathing lilac

Now looked like a pretty girl

Dressed in dark mauve

With a yellow brooch, a brilliant shine

Adorning her torso so fine

On a frosty winter morn

Ran a brunette

Breathing sweet as was she

In swivels

Which woke the air so still

Into a merry fairytale of dancing pixies

She rushed across the bazaar

Across all doors open ajar

Out to the fields went she

The fields of the impish glee

There danced five thousand lilacs

Like the ten thousand daffodils in Wordsworth’s

Under the winter sun, like ballerinas

Like chittering crickets atop a hill

Like raindrops pattering

Against the window sill

Beside this dance she sat

She combed her hair

The lilac with the yellow of the sun

Now glistened, up in her bun

From beyond the valley

Where the dance echoed

A pair of eyes twinkled

Blue like the marbles

She played with

The dance of the lilacs

Now mellowed

As her cynosure became the boy

An old music in her heart

And him? He knew lovers never part

Years had flown

From the book of the lovers

Once parted, now there and back again

She stood still

While he came from beyond

To this valley of the lilacs

The same smell of her sweetness

To her, his same old charm

One the wick, the other the flame

Him, a warrior, her, a dame

The dance grew louder

For together they danced

In that moment, they fell again

In love they fell, they fell again

In her eyes, he saw his world

She heard his heart in hers

The sky became yellow and red

The dusk was fiery, just like them

Across the lilacs swaying merrily in rows

Two people danced, the lovers in sombreros   


  • Absolutely loved it!

  • Beautifully written nitya loved reading it all best n hope to get to read more

    Suruchi sharma
  • This is beautiful, one of the best things I’ve read in forever… The poet has real insight in life, and seems very wise. Would love to meet her one day.


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