The Lost Essence

Ashwini Loya

It begins with the butterflies in the stomach,

Waiting for a glimpse,

Secretly knowing the secrets,

Finding reasons to be around.

Heart thumping louder than the drums,

Lips playing a silent symphony.

Flowers bloom in the spring,

Two flowers bloomed hiding away.

Innocence and dreams gave them wings,

With time the innocence was lost,

Yet they found it in the time of togetherness.

Some wings were clipped off,

Before the journey began.


Grey strands, crooked tooth,

 laughers never to be forgotten,

wrinkles never looked so beautiful.

Two hands were not just held,

They felt what millions failed to say.

Lines on the palm said another story.


As  they looked across,

Waiting had lost its charm,

Before the bud could bloom,

Sword of doubts chopped it.

Physic mattered than psychology,

Smile was worn to hide the tears of insecurities.

In a moment the conversations and vows were forgotten,

In no time the "the one" was like everyone else.


The broken heart made the least noise,

Before the pain could be felt,

Self-sold itself in the search for "the one" in everyone else.

As the chains to clip down the two, were taken aback,

They saw love lacked.


Will they ever feel the same?

asked a soft moaning voice.

The first glimpse to the first kiss,

Unspoken words to those verses.

Caressing her hair he said,

Silence here is misquoted,

Spoken words go unheard,

They are just words, words and words my love.


Fiddling with his fingers  she said,

It's not always about finding out,


New would turn old, let it age!

Always being in love,

Holding self straight,

Is Exhausting!


Hundredths of days of imperfection,

Thousands of meals we share,

Millions of same old replies,

Reliving those stories in a flight,

Fighting with and fighting for.


Who would hold to our love when we are gone?

In the world of Scarlett's and Rhett's,

You are my Raina and I'm your Bluntschli.

As he held out his handkerchief to catch

the shiny pearl from her eyes.

Cheeks blushed,

Oh! my love it is you and  your chivalry,

That does not go out of style.


  • The beginning of the poem has the momentum to reach the deepest parts of our emotions. Its truly very well written and the words have truly flowed from the heart.

  • Beautifully written. I could connect to every word written by the poet. This poem reflects the true definition of love and how it has lost its essence


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