The Last Survivor

By Sneha Sharma

you can't die until you cometh to the source of your life
we always imagine about illusion and sometimes we live in it
concord with it or not but its true to my extent
we imagine of frame but not we all are a part of it source 
though that is the main root to design and root to us  too
we always find the easiest term to learn but mugging fails 
when the logic runs, no matter what is inside you and me
but that is the all reason to lives.
we are sure about us when its come to our domain 
and we are belligerents when the blood poured belongs to us
because that energise make us strong then we are the super
and  ready to extract.sounds soporific because this is something
not belongs to all but some who are getting it finding more to solve.
we want all to be positive but this cycle is need to get reload
and for reloading negative is required because it attracts you.
when we are around our breaths we are more breathable
we smile, cracks joke,  feel safe, dance, shout, mesmerises 
and we can tease the opposite sex too
we are tiger in our own caves but we miss the real tiger 
in us when we are being tested in the naive parties of questions
"chances are always deep until you find 
 find love and measure the deepness of your prospect  "
well unlike meanings will come out from different mind 
but i am clear here with these life of survivor 


  • This is really deep.. loved it.. :)

  • Very well written, gist of the poem is very good. Good work Sneha .

  • Nice lines

  • Nice write and nice poem

  • Well done Sneha !

  • beautifully written girl :)

  • Too good :) Go ahead……………….. :)


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