The Last Call

By Kaushik Chandrasekar


Belated warning to mankind, consumed by lust and riches you are,

Unwholesome desires of yours, has perplexed me but won’t go too far,

Responsible you are, for all the corpses of nature and crushed serenity,

Not much left in me to give, lost are my trust, I have neither pity nor purity.

Years have passed and you have used me up, from golden webs to gambling,

Old are the days when you nurtured me but time and its chime leave me stumbling,

Unfriendly are your notions, unfamiliar would be my returns, interested on lives,

Rankled waters which gives you life, ounces of chemical you split that dives.

Glaring stars, you try to reach, prove your brains have only empty matter,

Red magma of blood I bleed, if I cry no men would survive to slaughter,

Energy extracted from emery to engine had enervated me in and out,

Endangered children of mine plead me to make your existence in doubt,

Dear and near ones of yours will attend their own funerals being the last generation.

Abandoned are my creations, homeless, helpless and harmed by your urbanisation,

Nuclear wars on me, I am no playground to experiment destruction, kill your sly,

Desolation of your senses by addiction, replacing my empire is just another far cry.

Dozens of creatures I feed, you kill them for timely pleasures to breed,

Oh! Mankind, no man is kind; I am your only friend to meet your need,

Naughty coughs of water, gusts of frustration, you have tasted samples I made,

Trees those silently slumber, fallen for facile fulfilments, continue to fade.

Aroma of fauna stinks to disgust, to cover it up every talisman would fail,

Seas slicked by filth, so dark the reflections I see, where is my blue trail?

Kudos to your innovation, your selfishness, watch your light house that would sink and go,

Wonder over your stupidity, why the sun is becoming your foe? ,

Havoc and maelstroms of sorrow awaits mankind if no one cares ,

Yours tortured, tampered yet selfless, sacrificial mother Earth.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Absolutely amazing.. 😊😊

    Naiela Omer
  • Absolutely amazing.. 😊😊

    Naiela Omer

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