The Journey

Vishu Mishra

I realize day in & out,

that my powers get feeble within.

when most beautiful things don't prosper,

& most delightful hopes turned-down.


It agitates my fear of ever-lasting,

those beautiful most, are but brevity.

I once had a feeling most sanguine.

now it enervates me, all new nights I sleep.


I live wih a code,un-faltered.

faith is rewarded, earnesty grows fruit.

though life wears me out every second,

day by day, hour by  hour, I just count.


There's a graveyard of dreams I pass,

some die at gates, others din't last.

I learn my lesson with every step.

those who din't quit may only pass.


There's a cruel test to an artist.

& a torrent of opinions hold you.

& most dear of people leave you.

A journey most difficultly sprawled.


I am an Illustrator, I am a poet.

I am an athlete, an actor.

I am a writer, a musician.

I am an artist, an evangelist. 

I am a sketcher.

I am a singer.

I am a dancer.

a poetic believer,

An idea,

a Divine spark,

& a devoted dream.

I will prevail.


  • Thank you for your remarks :)

    also, i would like to thank Delhi Poetry Slam team for putting up such a beautiful covering photo to the poem.

    vishu mishra
  • The anguish portrayed in your poem is heart wrenching. Hits all the right chords in depicting an artist’s journey. Keep up the good work!


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