The Highlight of my Life: My Valentine

By Yadawanka Pala


He kissed me in VIOLET streaks that lingered on till past midnight,

The faded butterflies in my tummy seemed to escalate each day to something of a more permanent INDIGO.

His eyes drowned me into the deepest  BLUE  sea, managing  to replace every broken piece with a little bit of GREEN,

 And now;

I am being embraced by a sudden warmth of YELLOW all through my intestines.

This valentines’ week, I lay each night recollecting every episode of our time together in hues of the sunset-

From pure ORANGE to mild RED;

 Wondering how he managed to take away my grey old self and replaced my system with a whole lot of VIBGYOR .

My world, since he arrived became this blended mixture of every reflecting tone,

In all his hues I shaded my joy; one colour over the next.

"But honestly, he’s much more than that;
He’s the vibrant range of Life and Love
In multi colour setting."


  • So creative Yada, as usual. You’re getting better each time??

    Miyin Taloh
  • Truly amazing❤

    kk ample
  • Beautiful love expression by beautiful girl.. loved it. Expecting more like this from you, Coz I also wanna know what actually love is?

    Vineet Dwivedi
  • Amazing poem yada ❤??

    Rachun ruth
  • Yada, you’ve always been my favourite? all the besT lovE!!

    Dharna kouL
  • This is beautiful❤

  • Bravo!! I love you khon?

  • U have a “Beautiful Mind”. Ur consistent efforts regarding poetry is appreciable.
    Your world is more beautiful and you have the power to beautify other’s world..

    Kanwarbir singh
  • Portraying colour in poetry❤️ “Art”.

  • Rang tou koi nahi hota barish ka
    Fir bhi Akash ko Rangeen kr deti hai

    Jaskaran Singh
  • Rang tou koi nahi hota barish ka
    Fir bhi Akash ko Rangeen kr deti hai

    Jaskaran Singh
  • May the colours of your rainbow radiate always. Congratulations again darling. Love you
    Bei( mum)
  • I loved it.
    Very nicely written, as always :)

  • U rock it, gal…keep it up

    Nishi april
  • Now this one i get and ❤

  • Hey gal…keep up with your dreams…. your doing a great job there??

    Elo $umi
  • Thank you friends !!

    Yadawanka Pala
  • i love this so much <3

  • prepossessing !

    Priyanjana Wason
  • keep it up yada

  • Ur poems alwzs inspired me. Each words touches my heart.. God bless both of you ?

    Pragati budha
  • Thank you so much @priyamvada.

    Yadawanka Pala
  • I really admire the idea of Vibgyor and it’s transcending unto emotions


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