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Amartya Krishnaditya

When you have a strong belief
Things may not turn ,always your way
So it's your belief that will say
When it's with you,just don't worry
Just be calm & don't be in a hurry
Things will turn, the way u want
All will be good , as it's god , who grants.

The sigh of relief , like a frame of reference
Each one may differ ,with a different preference
Looking at the situation, each mindset perceives different
Some may look deep,some consider it apparent.

Each looks at a different aspect
All of them ,seem right in their respect
Each one looks with a different perspective,
Some are biased , while some retrospective.
But ,It's always not right , to be guided by someone's light
Than better it is, to comprehend something
Just from ,a true individual's sight.

Someone's struggle may be someone's comfort , as the one who struggles
May be his fate , but the one with comfort
That may be, a thing to bait;
Someone's wrong may be one's right ,
It's late or early not a case to fight
All of this can't be judged as a whole ,
Each one is present with a different plight.

But that's the point , for you to think
The way you worked ,was it "wise"
If a true yes , that's good to realize
Then the work you did, was with your competence equalized;

Life is a thing ,that gives , each one a chance
"How do they grab?",its upon their stance
People here,are not to listen someone's story ,
They seem to be here ,to pay an ode to glory-
"Always don't be guided, by someone's , so called "guiding light"
Just be your hero , do things with focus ,proper in sight."

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