The Happy Ending


She lay on the bed full of guilty pleasures and high,

Gazing at the ceiling she let out a long sigh.

Another lonely night beside a snoring man,

She reached for the bedside table for her beer can.

Tiptoed out with the silk sheet wrapped around her,

On the way out she realized her visions were blurred.

She crept up back to the room to get her glasses,

That’s when she realized she hardly saw their faces!

Another hook up at the bar, free drinks for the night,

Decorated the bar stool in a sequin black and tight.

The lips on a handsome man offered her a drink,

Her affirmative smile let the loneliness sink.

Something was different; he didn’t seem like the rest,

But after numerous heartbreaks, she never expected the best.

Like a perfect gentleman, he asked her to dinner,

This was definitely new, a chance to redeem the sinner!

With doubts and confusions, she decided to say yes,

His innocent smile invited her into the trouble and mess.

After a few dates, he was all she could think about,

But did he feel the same? The questions, the doubts.

She decided to open up, to relive the intimacy,

She addressed him that evening in a dress white and lacy.

They talked about her past, she accepted being lost,

He held her hand, said wouldn’t lose her at any cost!

With tears she allowed herself to be in his arms,

She found herself, in his magic and charms,

It was time to celebrate the love so right,

She couldn’t stand letting him out of her sight.

She didn’t want to seem crazy or possessive,

But in love with him, she was turning obsessive.

The fears and insecurities were blocking her path,

The fear of losing someone, so great at last!

She pushed them aside and took a stand,

She fought the evil inside, for her man.

She started learning how to trust again,

He was only patient with love ascertain.

Then came the night when they got really close,

He didn’t touch her body, he touched her soul.

That night was different, only love without lust,

She finally was in love, the love that had trust!

For the first time in her life, she didn’t want to run,

She wanted to watch with him, the rising sun.

He pulled her close after a very long night,

He wanted to capture their life in a bight.

He made promises that he intended to keep,

He wanted to fall further in love and deep.

Happy endings are true and not a myth,

Accept your love, life’s beautiful gift!


  • Lovely. Very well written.
    Expecting many more .

    Anamika Choudhury
  • Thank you all for your wonderful messages. Inspires me to keep writing!

    Devaneeta Choudhury
  • Very nicely expressed and carried a thoughtful message. Yes,happy ending is a Truth as you said. Well done my SH. Keep it up and we wait for the next one.

    Snigdha Chakraborty
  • Very well conceived thoughts and vividly described in words.

    Debashish Choudhury
  • Very well conceived thoughts and vividly described in words.

    Debashish Choudhury
  • How to fall in love ? Well I actually cam to know when I read your poem ..
    Nice work


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