The girl with whom I'm most recently in love with

Shrey Shukla

You see a lot of research has gone into defining sex appeal objectively 
how you can mathematically pin point at the exact waist to hip ratio that is deemed desirable  
across all cultures and societies 
the perfect proportions of facial features and curvature of lips and the swaying of hips
how if we could, then we would 
create chicks better than God 
How falling in love with a girl was same as falling in love with a well prepared dish with all it's ingredients in the perfect proportions straight from the kitchens of Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal 
Because at the end, it all boils down to one thing - survival instinct 
And it all made perfect sense in my head
like the Pythagoras theorem and ideal gas equation 
THIS was THE evolutionary rulebook to survival and love 
But when I saw you
I realised 
that only a man as stupid as a researcher or a scientist can put love and survival in one sentence 
or perhaps, a man as ignorant as me who had never before in his meticulously sorted life *seen* you smile
Because when I saw you smile
with your lips
with your dark shoulder length hair
with your expressive sunshine eyes
A wild gust of wind entered from my window 
and in its hysterical slow mo
turned into a tornado
Sucked in all the files and papers filled with the empirical observations of love 
And I knew as a matter of fact
that you were not here to bend to the laws of a perfect body
you weren't the 36 24 36 to my mind
you were the 108 or 911 
to my frantically beating heart
It's like I saw a glimpse in your eyes
of the blissful unknown 
something we've all been searching for
in tequila shots and pot and
all other wrong places 
You passed by 
with your slightly paunchy waist
And your hairband and your earring and your slightly over full cheeks
And suddenly all those Photoshop edited playmates of the year 
posing seductively in front the camera reduced to pile of paper 
The concepts of beauty were unreal 
The secrets of lust were unreal 
only you were real
only you existed
In your physical form and beyond.

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