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Rootva Shah

My name is Roma Krishnan.
I am a successful actor, motivational speaker, social worker and an ambassador of an NGO. But I couldn’t have done so many things, if I hadn’t beat that ghost of my life.
This all get started almost 3 years ago.
On 20th July,2017, I was out there for an audition of a show. But I didn’t get it. And that day the real horror show began. Because when I was on the stage, it felt like someone was wrenching my throat and squashing my stomach totally. Then what? My voice got broke totally and I just get out of there.
After 4 days of that, there was another audition. But the same thing happen to me again. Again it felt like someone wrench my throat and squash my stomach. As before I didn’t get that part either.
Sometimes later there was another audition. And the same thing happen to me again. But after that it seemed like I and my dreams were getting shattered. It felt like I want to give up. I wanted to cry so loud. It felt like I don’t have any talent anymore. I am nothing.
But then I met someone. It seemed that he knew everything about what was going on with me. He came to me and said , “You are just facing the real ghost of your life.”
I asked, “What ghost? What are you talking about?”
Then he very patiently explained it to me, “Yes. You are facing a real ghost. And not only you, but a lot of people are facing the same ghost. And the ghost is the “FEAR” inside you. Because of the fear you can not get any of the part in the show, because of that you were not able to talk to anyone, because of that you have been always an introvert person, because of that you couldn’t even socialize. You have to beat this ghost of your life or your life will be hell.”
Then. Then what? I found out the ghost of my life and started working on it.
And with my strength, with my mental strength, I beat the ghost of my life. And with this new energy I went to give the audition and I got the part which I wanted.
And now as you know; I am not only an actor, but also a motivational speaker, social worker and an ambassador of an NGO.
At that day when I beat that ghost of my life; I realized something, “In this world, everyone is facing a ghost of their lives; a real ghost of their lives. But if you want to do something or want to achieve something, you’ll have to be strong; mentally strong and have to beat that ghost of your life.”

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