The Flowers Of Our Country

By Stuti Srivastava
I met a girl of 5 who was sitting with her mother in the corner of a famous street, 
Probably they were wishing for someone who will bring them a mouth watering treat, 
Looking at their pathetic condition, everyone was passing through the street, 
One thing was noticeable that it left no impact on the innocent girl, 
As if she is the flower of our country needs love, care and sweets.
Something was occuring in my mind too, 
That I should give chocolate and fruits to this girl as she was born without any hope that someone could fulfill her basic needs, 
Knowing nothing that what will happen next moment if she asks something to eat,
Yesterday some slept without knowing that when is Children's Day,
The flowers of our country needs a lot of smile and sweets. 
I wonder when someone posts on social medias that ''children are meant to learn, not to earn", 
Then who are these who often calls them "Raju, Chotu, Rani and Pinky" of the restaurants located in streets, 
Are the devils come from the hell to violent their rights? 
Accept the truth that they are too the flowers of our country needs love, care and sweets.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'


  • Probably, one of the best pieces in the lot👌

    Tathagat Roy
  • Thank you so much delhi poetry slam for rendering me some space with these talented ones!🙏🌼

    Stuti Srivastava

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