The Fallen

 Ravinder Kaur Sokhi

You are the living hell.
Where have you drowned yourself?
Searching you my deity!
Don't know, what to do?
In the valleys of the life
my soul pains, trying to pull you.
My Feet are stuck with the decisions
But hands not leaving you!
You are a breeze intoxicating me
Your memories are haunting me
Your deeds stabs me!!
Difficult it is to let go..
Harder it is to tolerate..

Life is poisoned with a hope
scratching the wounds of heart…
You have become a restricted garden,
where I wander every day.
Embracing you, your thorns
make me bleed...
My eyes still seeing
A spectacle, a myth.
My soul murders me everyday
remembering you.
Tied to you my heart is..
When I try to open the knots,
You make it even tighter.

On the verge of hating
My heart ends up loving you.
Fierce your intentions are!!
I see your fangs ready
To kill my conscience & my soul....
Still being blind, not willing to see
The devil in you…..


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