The Everyday Superhero

Chinmai Koripella

If I have to tell a story
It would be the greatest
Coz, it's about her
HER; the strongest woman I have seen
The deepest heart I have experienced
The happiest smile I have known
The humble touch I have felt
The daring person I have witnessed
Yes, She is a superwoman, a superhero
Hero not known to the world around
Hero; greater than the greatest!
She is beautiful but torn, 
Wreaking havoc-filled her heart
Suffered all through the years
Cried to bed all the nights
Standing in bad weather
Fought through the rough storm
Through the shattered pieces of heart
Built her own world
Life was harsh to her
She accepted things without fear
She was a flower wilted in a garden
Longed to be watered by love
Alone fought the battles In and Out
Standing on her own, Camouflaged by insecurities
To her story, She didn't make it an end
Today, She is an inspiration
Sunshine to the souls around
Won millions of hearts
Not with her past but with her deeds
She is a Superwoman
If I have to tell a story 
It would be the greatest
Coz, it's about a real-life Superhero



  • Awesome. Loved it

  • I have no words to express. It is simply superb. God bless you my dear..

    Sreenivas Dara
  • Nice

    Narendera Kumar

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