The Dream of a Globetrotter

Aditi Srivastava

I want to travel, to travel not but rather wander in the world like a vagabond,
I want to travel maybe not by road or by my foot,
But through my words not necessarily to a destination,
But to a person’s heart with whom I had a clandestine love affair,
And in my head, he is already a sweetheart.

I want to travel, to the vineyards through my glass of red wine and those eyes that shine,
While I already had committed a sin of gluttony,
I want to listen to those melodies of Tuscany;
Sitting on a little blue chair and feeling the happiness of the raindrops,
Watching the hues of pinks and blues,
Swinging my heart with the smile, as they are glued.

I want to travel, and experience the night of Northern Lights,
Maybe thorough a painting or a picture,
Having a hope to feel the serenity and beauty of that night.

I want to travel,
To the hills and mountains with beautiful pine trees,
And to get lost in the restless and yet sometimes calm waves of the seas,
To the plains and watch the sunflowers smile.
Like most, I want to explore;
The goodness and adventures,
The happiness and madness,
The love and romance,
The unforgettable cuisines and sartorial elegance.

I want to travel,
But maybe not in this time,
Maybe the world is yet to be healed,
Maybe the happiness is yet to be revealed,
Waiting for the times that are tough to end,
As till then we have prayers and just prayers in every corner of the world, to send.


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  • Very nice.

    Raj Kumar Saxena

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