The "Dream"

Ananya Sharma

Gazing up the night sky, through the window, she started thinking of all the events that took place in a while. Her mind is flooded with all the flashbacks – meeting her boyfriend a year ago, getting engaged so soon and now after a week they will be married. She wasn’t ready for it to happen it so quick, even though everything seems like a dream come true to her.

Soon her friends would be posting their pictures on instagram with cool hashtags, joint names, matching outfit and what not?
Everyone in her surrounding are more than happy for her. But she, she seems lost. She just wishes to spent some time in solace. She wants to relax, listen to some good music, watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and just sleep. But since her wedding got fixed, she has to wakeup with a new rush everyday regarding her dress, jewellery, guest invitations, banquet halls and everything else. She now just wants to forget about everything else and relax…

Just when she was in her thoughts, her eyes fell on the clock right beside the window. She realised it is quite late and quickly went to sleep.

She woke up late in the morning, wondering why her alarm didn’t ring. She woke up with a rush and saw her mother cleaning the shelves and singing a song. She went to her and asked “Why didn’t you wake me up?”
Mother replied “What for? Relax Lockdown is extended for a month again. Is it a dream again?”

She said “No, not a dream.. it was a Nightmare this time”

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