The days, I would give a fortune to forget.

Pranjali Gupta
When I was learning the intricacies of the periodic table,
My father came home and slapped my mother,
I lost all my ability to form sentences and in the background blared the cable.
Picking up her pieces, my mother left for some avenue another.
The monster continued it's assault on the two little ones.
Ah, those days when the skipping rope had inventive purposes.
Looking him in the eye, spat in his eye the two sons.
Leaving behind the nonage scattered in shredded pieces,
My resolve to grow up could not be any stronger.
Still the playfulness catches my heart from the days yonder.


  • More power to you dear

    Shakti Prakash
  • Really a heart touching poem .
    The effort did you make by the poem means a lot

    Neha maurya
  • Powerful and heartfelt poem.
    Very well written. 🙂

    Cynthia Paul
  • Amazingly written.
    You’re a huge inspiration to many. :)
    Keep writing

    Arnab Masood
  • One of the most thoughtful poems I’ve come across. Really like the way it ends. So proud of you! <3

    Prakhar Khare
  • It seeps through my heart. Very beautifully written Pranjali !

    Ashmita Gupta
  • Beautiful piece that I read in a while. Sounds like the days I have lived and survived. It’s funny how things like this make you a better person. You know what you never to be! More love to you.

    Rasaghna Gaini
  • It is deep and very beautiful

    Srishti Gupta

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