The day video game arrived


He had promised me twice in the past.

But didn’t buy it till last;

Perhaps it was a long time ago

I still hadn’t learned that Promises are meant to be broken;


Summer vacations running for two months

Though I crisscrossed like a mad paper plane

But I behaved righteous and moral for the day;


It was a hot summer noon  

A hot sultry afternoon-

The ones you get in June;


Glued were my eyes to gape

Slightest gyration of the gate

Fixed were my ears to grab

The creaking of the door or a tap


Though being stationary I would have hated another day

But I acted righteous and moral for the day;

I could smell the aroma of the kitchen.

But even the savory meals of Mother’s fame

Could not deflect me today.

For I waited glued and fixated for the VIDEO GAME. 


My father had explained me about this new universe.

 “That commandos shall get down from the helicopter!”

“That your plane shall shoot at the enemies”

And I heard in awe every verse


And I casted images vividly violating my age

The images titillated my innermost of heart

Went into a zeal induced trance

Someone just like an amateur sage


I found so much purpose and solace in those imageries.

That I could have lived a life just out of them

But he had promised in the past;


And I had promised him to stand first in class

I couldn’t but I did fine

I suspected it was payback time;


Bell wailed the most annoying sound

Yet sweetness out of it my ears found

Alas ! O Lord! My Lord!

My faith in humanity served guarded

My father stood in sweat bathed



And I could see the big huge box in his hand

This promise wasn’t broken

Then I misunderstood that perhaps none are;


I unwrapped it and I dug in

And I knew-

I knew that this day would etch itself deep in my mind

Happiness and innocence it would surely rewind;


Twenty years later

For I understand the value of time with time

The videogame still lies in my cupboard

Neither perfect nor fine;


My father has asked me to dispose it off.

Perhaps I shouldn’t

Rather I couldn’t

That parting with it

Will rob me and my mind;


That virtue often stands on a thin line

A thin line that reminds me

Not only his smile that ensued my happiness

But that Promises are not always meant to be broken.  

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  • I simply loved this poem especially the line “Then I misunderstood that perhaps none are”..
    keep up the good work 👍

    Shweta garg

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