yamuna K

When people stay in,
At the darkest of the skies,
When no hope is left,
There appear a smog;
In the deep woods so far,
Stood the fume to test how far,
Imagine to a silent war.

oh! Come on Knight,
Its only a night,
It will warn and go after the dawn,
Oh! Come on knight
It can be a plight,
But With all your might ,
Let’s fight to rid the fright.

The wolf runs to the cliff;
To see if they are stiff,
If you try to ponder;
It will reach you no wonder,
What If you go on to bear ,
It bet’s; you don’t dare,
AS it approaches in gear.

It haunts you every night;
It wants you to be its fright,
It Takes a breath to hold you tight,
No one turns; so as your fright,
Don’t let the grudge to let in,
Don’t let the courage to break in,
Even the still water hears;
But couldn’t understand your tears.

Build your wall to see it,
Make your talls to face it,
It is for one time;to make in no time.
If you are alike the ones,
You will be one among the one,
When you are done,
You will be the one and only one.

If you think its robin,
If you pull in to see a globin,
If you feel the sudden wind ,
If you guess your beloved is behind you;
Pause , it time to check out your clause,
Poor little heart , you can stuck in a dart,
Which could be hidden in the bark.

Listen to the sounds of birds;
What if the owl that stares,
Don’t be curious to open the lock ;
What if dark glance and mocks,
When you feel the wind ;
Why didn’t you mind that you might wind,
Dont be lost in seek , in giving up the one that spark your geek.

Oh come on knight,
Why do you fright,
Its just a night,
It goes off when you bright,
Keep on your stride,
Bring down your pride,
So you could bring up in ride.

Never give up on your flight;
Its worth to risk your might,
If you win or loose ;
Please do appraise,
Lift your soul and don’t compare it with the whole,
For you are the born worrior;
To terminate the dark by own labor.

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