The Dancing Grab

By Spandana Datta
I lay alone at the seaside cliff,
Staring at the purple sky above 
The Pole Star glimmering and glittering 
In all its glory
I got up and saw the seashore below 
The majestic waves enchanted me,
Like the future which awaited me.
They crashed at the shore so calm
Washing away the stones and pebbles
Like the worries of my unpleasant past.
I smiled an uncanny smile
Remembering life, how it used to be
And thought struck me hard
Was I even comparable to the world so vast?
A tiny human being like me,
And 7 billion others just like me?
I pondered upon my life so joyful,
And how I was distressed,
By obstacles so secondary.
I got up and gathered myself as accustomed
And walked a mile to the beach.
As soon as I reached the shore,
I ran towards the mighty waves.
I looked at the ground, beneath my feet
And saw my footprints in the sand,
Engulfed by froathy water,
Reminding me how nothing in life
Was permanent, permanent enough to bother me so.
As I wet my feet and played some more,
I saw a crab wash onto the shore.
And when I saw him unite with his mates,
He danced a little dance with them
Making me discern to the fact,
That it was best to be like the crab
And learn from it to dance.
Dance and behold the moment now,
Until the waves crash hard again, at the shore
And take with them, you,
To odysseys galore!


  • Love the way this poem is artistically beautiful and message-giving

    Akshita Pareek
  • Simple yet deep !! Proud of you Spandana♥️

  • Well articulated and deep!!! Great job!!! Keep them coming my dearest.

  • Spandana, a simple yet inspiring poem. Keep up the great work.
    Deepshikha Bhide

    Deepshikha Bhide
  • Beautiful

    Gehna Sharma
  • Well done…keep it up Spandana 💖

    Neelima singh
  • Simply Awesome Spandu – keep this poetry coming regularly- look forward to reading the next one.

    Tiger Bulls
  • Good one Spandana…. Reminding me of my trysts with sea shore. Way to go and God bless you

    Rajesh Kannan J
  • Spandu I am aghast, overwhelmed….. Such observations of the life at a such young stage of life….. Yes dance and behold the moment now…… Excellent. Waqt ki har seh gulam.. Spandana KEEP IT UP. God bless

    Shimmi Mama
  • Great going dear Spandana! Charming words! Keep at it!

    Ajay Shukla
  • Wow… Nice… Spandana… God bless… May you penn many such poems.

    Pamela Jude
  • Wow….keep it up Spandana. Keep penning more and more.

    Vikram Kothari
  • Lovely…👌👌👌👌 Keep it up Spandana.Proud of you..❤

    Ravi Datta
  • Nice .. would love to read more of your poetry… best wishes..

  • Beautifully penned poem, Spandana…. Proud of you!

    Caroline Sylvia
  • Beautiful. Now that the crab has taught you a thing or two, let’s hope the upcoming ones are more of the pleasant present and future😉

  • Very nice poem keep it up


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