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The cycle of sleep

Pratyush Dhal

I think I remember, I had a thought.
It was a conflict, an intellectual drought.
Crazy conspiracies, so amazingly wrought;
Nothing less than a battle: a battle well fought.

Do I delve into a choice so deep?
Can't I leave this, go for a sleep?
Slumber perhaps may help me reap:
The long haul, I wanted to leap.

There it comes, the quiet meta-state
Where subconscious appears, plays your date.
Quite a wavy platform, you watch and wait
Lost memories are found : is it a bait?

I make myself content, in this virtual world.
Ride in dreams, climb insurmountable walls.
Solution was found, the bait did it!
It existed all along, just needed a catalyst.

It was time to wake, consciousness was required.
Having its work done subconscious now retired.
With a hope to return soon and have my suspicions fall,
I finally rose up and smiled to my morning's call.


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