The Cloud Nine Love

By Mansi Narang
A new color added to my world
He understands without me saying a word.
An invisible connection felt
With a never ending conversation belt
I feel so lucky when he is present around
Falling in love with him makes me proud.
The depth in his voice makes my soul calm 
His presence acts for me as soothening balm
His smile gives me a reason to stay alive
His support makes me to stay strong and thrive.
I am so honored to fall in love with him
With his shining presence,my life will never be dim.
Like the blooming sunflower excited to meet the sun
Towards the land, like the sea waves run
Imagining him, in front of me I too feel the butterflies
While waiting to see him,I just wish time flies.
The most beautiful feeling is happening to me
Falling in love with him has given me all life's Glee
I wish our endless talks shall never stop,
Life with him is so perfect without any happiness crop.
I wish our late night walks shall never end
I can't believe such a special friend God has send
Falling in love with him has risen my stength
I wish this love lasts till infinite length.

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  • Awesome one Mansi ji. Keep going and all d best.

    Shilpi jain

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