The one who chose me

From first sight to first kiss
From first touch to last bliss
You chose me as your subject
Tried to study but vulnerable
You well playe.. I must appreciate
Being a jerk I thought myself fortunate
Days.... Months...years flew.....
Events faded with fermented residues
I overcame and you will drown I knew
Yes ...I knew..
Your mind will sense my touch with...
The magic of sunsets
The illuminity of sunlight
The passion of corridors
The thrill of elevators
Intensity of terrace
and adventure of traffic lights...

U will feel my breath over your neck with
Every drop of rain
Sip of coffee
Puff of cigarettes
Warmth of sun
Shadow of trees
And with every step you take
You will miss that kiss on your nose
because it was I who chose....

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