The Burnt Pages

Sunny Chattopadhyay

The burnt pages - with the name of my beloved were long gone -
The few pieces of the puzzle still remained though,
And each lonely night, the odour seizes from my eyes
That which was then a peaceful pillow!
The flower bloomed amid the ferns
And stole the glorious morning show!
The sun bestowed its blessings -
The rain added to the mystic dressing -
Never satisfied - it asked for more
Just to wither away and vanish from the row!
The pages were full - with the story beautiful -
The world seemed heaven in the arms -
The vitality soon made way to oblivion -
Until the paradise lost, and so the dear!
The promises were never made -
The ones made never kept -
The castles built in the air
Collapsed as I opened the window!
And each passing night, it is monotony's flight -
The tears long dried but eyes stare into the night -
The photograph fades - the odour remains -
Choking the breath, as the time slept
Into the dark and darkest night!

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