The broken reverie

Jessica Natta

I still remember those days
Crying and crying of having those unwanted touches,
I still remember of being scared to getting closer to any one,
Not knowing what had happened, my soul drenched in tears(locked up in a room),
I still remember how the world around me was shook and soaked into the darkness.
I was pissed off.
Exhausted of all those sleepless(fearful) nights and hopes for living.
I was shattered,shaken, broken.
Yes growing older made be bolder.
I dream of saving those little pure and intoxicated souls from being molested.
Yes,i have being dreaming to defend every women in pain.
Yes,I dreamt of a country without sexual assaults on women.
I am still dreaming of such  revolutions to happen,
A place where women have a go to achieve whatever they wanted.
A place where mom's aren't anymore afraid of the welfare of their baby girls.
I am tired of dreaming,
I am tired of watching such agonising situations.
I am burned with the blues in my heart.
Should I dare to dream again ? or should I get rid of my appalling dreams ?




  • Wow amazing words! It penetrates our heart, to think about women and the agony they go through.

  • Thank you sandeep and Bharath

    Jessica Natta
  • Thanks alot dad

    Jessica Natta
  • Make it passion to express . Whether it poetry or Art. A good starting.

    N Varaprasad
  • jessi u r somthing ?

  • Right from Heart !! Take a Bow !!

    Bharath Kumar
  • Thanks alott for each and everyone,
    I’m overwhelmed.

    Jessica Natta
  • Great start …go on ?

  • move on blessy

  • move on blessy

  • Nice words

    Dheeraj natta
  • Nice one ? be proud of yourself ?

  • Yes, lets make it an anthem for dream is not just for buzzy eyes and rough hands. Its the courage in our fierce efforts.!!
    Good luck girl


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