The boy in the corner

Sarthak Chaturvedi

There he sat,
The boy in the corner.
Before fading with the dispersal bell,
From the class corner he would see
The chatterbox by the park,
So robust, so free.
Who flunked with courage
While skipping the second tile
with a meaningless grin,
Being who he wants to be.
His bright eyes would sink teeth
In the sights ever so bleak.
The evenings he would hum away
Looking through the window
By the boy in the corner.

At 7am sharp
A boy would depart
To the classroom corner.
"He just doesn't like to talk"
His classmates would exclaim,
Making him anxious.
None would ever say
That he had no friends.
"He's an introvert"
They would narrate,
Making insecurities sink deeper.
3 boys would casually visit,
take him to the bushes
And play a game.
The boy would return to the tranquil tower
With new memories,
Of cuts fresh.
His heavy feet
Crushed every second tile
As he passed a grin
To hide sweaty eyes.
Being someone he was forced to be
Before fading with the dispersal bell.

The boys in twilight
Meet counterparts at last
As the boy by the park
Has a tryst with identities,
The boy in the corner dominates.
Long Forgotten who he was,
He had questions too many.
Consolidating all courage remnant,
He finally asked the boy by the park
"Who are you?".
Words wanted almost slipped through.
But before known,
The cuts from the bushes
crawled up the wrist
Of the boy who used to laugh
And run in the park.
Making him reply
"Who? Me?
The boy in the corner
I must be".


  • You are amazing!

  • Such beautifully expressed!!

  • The layout is damn pretty!!! The story line can’t be described in words!

  • What an amazing piece!


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