The Bed Musing


The three am secrets which only we know 

As you caress my bralette and your hands grow 
Reaching through all deep secrets of my body 
Some scars seen some  unseen revealing you as if its your hobby 
You start kissing my lips bitting with your edged teeth as if they are the sweetest you have tasted served on worlds best platter 
My hands tied but i resign my body to you tonight 
Slowly you whisper “ baby you aren’t a submissive but my queen “ 
I am your kingdom serene 
Our sweat as something sweet 
Shivering bodies but not meat 
You move to your favourite place 
Where your secrets are abode 
My breasts fair and big 
You squeeze them for sure 
My lips begin to dry 
But you wont stop kissing 
Moving to my waist and love bites on their way dissing 
The walls and the roof are love stained 
Baby this is our first virgin drained 
My thongs be your target 
My thighs your armour 
The deepest cave you endeavour 
The greatest gift of pleasure 
Your tongue slaughtering my senses 
And yet time has come for you to ride in me and grab it 
You pull me down sliding my toes kissing them today 
The pink satin bed slithers here and there 
Your first move of insertion 
My first great pain 
You continued till you were down 
My bed remained stained 
You removed the cuffs after long sessions 
As i fell asleep tired 
You held me in your arms i felt 
But you are such a liar 
You tell me i am beautiful this way 
When you embrace my nudes 
But you wrap a towel around to clean 
The mess and hues 
This was a long and ending dream 
Now each day 
But baby still your coffee shots after each time are my favourite than the wine 


  • It’s beautifully written. Such an intense and raw writing … you’re a true inspiration. All the best. You go girl!! Love ya. <3

    Varsha MK
  • Nice poetry,love explained in its own way

  • Thank you so much shreya

    Gayatri sa
  • Such an intense piece of poetry! Good job girl!

  • Thanks pallavi means. A lot ❤️

    Gayatri sa
  • Best piece written by you, it really takes a lot to express first intercourse so beautifully

    Pallavi Kavalipati
  • Thank you so much pravarsh ❤️

    Gayatri sa
  • Wow ❤️ amazing

  • Thank you rishav ❤️ Means alot

  • Its amazing poem. Beautifully written❤️

    Rishav Saboo
  • Thank you so much puji , Drishti and annonumous person too ❤️

  • this is amazing. i liked the first half , the last part could have been better.

  • This is just beautiful ??

    Drishti Sapru
  • Darling! This ia an amazing poetry….. Luv u….

  • Thank you so much ❤️praneeth , zuri ❤️, surendra ❤️,varun :❤️Ans sravan
    Means a lot

  • Beautiful it is :’)

  • Dude, you have an awesome tallant!.. The way you narrated is awesome.. GOOD WORK SA..

    B. Varun
  • Marvelous ?

  • Most erotic one I’ve read so far, depicts her love for him.

  • Wow… Sweetheart I can feel every little thing of this… waiting for more poems like this from You! I have no words dear!!!!!What a wonderful thing it is!!!

  • Thanks a ton ❤️Deepthi , geya , shubham ❤️, poojitha ❤️

  • Thank you damodar , susmita , raviteja balla so much means a lot

  • Wow, Just wow, I am stunned. I loved it. Very nicely written. Your choice of words and the flow were both nicely done as well as the strucutre. Amazing Job. Keep up the outstanding work.

  • Beautiful writing?

  • This is so beautiful nd the imagination we get while reading this is so?♥️

  • Poem added to favourites ❤
  • Woww… What a beautiful it is ..i can picture in my mind so lovely!! The flow the description are also wonderful.this has to be the one of the best love poem i have read…

  • Amazing Nd I hope you to write more poems like This.. ???

  • Woww… What a beautiful it is ..i can picture in my mind so lovely!! The flow the description are also wonderful.this has to be the one of the best love poem i have read…

  • This isn’t erotic, this is pure love explained in a sensitive manner that makes every person remember their love of life!

  • Thank you Dhiraj

  • That was amazing. Very beautifully described love in its own way

  • And that means a lot thank you devi

  • Thank you so much jabili , dreamlifepotry and ? ravin alot

  • First Intercourse has never been explained this beautifully ❤

    Devi Bommisetty
  • I have read a good number of erotic poems.
    This one is the one of the best..!!

    Jabili deevena
  • Masterpiece from your writings.

    Ravindra Singh Thakur
  • Amazing ❤


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