The Bare Soul

By Shivani Garg 

For days now, even my soul has quit communicating with me,

My body has become numb to feelings, which astonishingly no one at all happens to see.

Have I grown invisible is what I wonder,

Or was this a prudently planned event to make me suffer?


Day in and day out, I faced the world with a fraudulent smile,

Sometimes, I just wished for ‘someone’ to realise that I was dying inside.

I tried everything in my capacity to get over these fears,

But the hands which once comforted me were far from near.


Tears at one point of time implied the flowing of emotions,

Now, they had just converted into an insignificant notion.

 The truth was, that the darkness of my lonely heart

 made me too vulnerable to discover a way and silently depart.


In this ocean, where people were backing each other to surpass the calamitous waves,

I was standing still, allowing nature do its job, and take me peacefully to that glorious grave.


  • Thank you Nandini and Akhil!

    Shivani Garg
  • Well written….picturesque

  • Peace and beauty.


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