The Affectionate Shelter

One fine soul reach out to seek solidarity, 
One fine soul reach out to seek tranquility, 
Waking up on the lap of mountains, 
To the song of chirping birds, 
Retiring to bed by the smell of burning wood, keeping the body warm. 
The soul is alive by the memories that seep deep in to, etching every wound afresh.. 
Snowy evenings relishes the soul, 
Coz that's the time when the pain body reffers is felt by the soul too.. 
It doesn't ache in mere matters of agony.. 
Coz now it's more strong than the body. 
Alas!  In search of solidarity one fine soul knocks the door of nature, 
Which finely allows the soul to seep in her depth, embracing the pain tightly around her arms. 
Exhaling melancholy, and
Inhaling the freshness of life. 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Amazing !

    Sayali Parkar
  • Wooww beautiful, proud of you 👍, waiting for another poems

  • It’s really amazing the way u have claim the phrases😘 proud of you sister 😊😍❤

    Srijea Roy
  • Woww…beautifully written and the imagination behind the phrases are great!

    Chandana Ravichand
  • Amazing 😍😍

    Tanya Jain

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