That's Not Love

Priya Sanghamitra

Falling in love
Flowing in love
Following love

Finding love
Flying in love
Freaking and frying in love
Fantasizing in love

Fishing in trouble waters in love
Fusing and flashing in love

Flipping in love
Love is the most uncomprehending, complex piece of 
junk in the store.
Let's make it clear.

It's not a sugar rush.
It's not a bed of roses.
It's not a breath of fresh air.
Its not the breeze that will pass through your clumsy hair.
It's not the butterflies in your stomach.
It's not the pink of your cheek.

It's not the flowers in a bouquet.
It's not letters from a stranger attached due to a wired string

It's not the fragrance of the sunflower.
It's not cheesy.
It's not cliche.
It's not going to happen to you like a surprise in a gift box.
It's not going to make you high without using cannabis or marijuana
(pick your favourite!)

It's not about waiting
It's not about wanting
It's not about clicking -delete if things turn ugly
Its not moving ahead with this person
It's not about being there for the person who has been there 'always'
It's not about missing dentist appointments to have a cup of coffee
It's not about sneaking out of the house to have ice cream on the roof top
It's not about being silly
It's not about about always never being correct
It's not about making a mess
It's not about breaking up and breaking down
It's not about making that person come back to you or going to that person
It's so not the comfort of the arms and the warmth of the bodies clinging together like one soul
It's not fading in or fading out
It's not seasonal

That's what love is totally not about.

It's like a silent fart in the crowd.
It is the abrupt phone call of your boss
Sending shiver down your spine.

It has to be that god damn song you don't remember the name of
on a rainy day 
and only a broken lyric remains on your lips.

It has to be the hard rough road you sometimes tread on only to see a stupid sunrise on the other side.
You are so stupid.

It is about fixing and healing yourself in the process of giving yourself away to others.
It has to listen to you-love I mean
It will not.

On some days.
It has to break and corrode you.

It weakens you.
It has to make you smoother and sober,

with every passing splash of wave.
It has to be unacceptably insane .
It has to be audacious and ferocious.
And you should be standing,

right there,

accepting  that,

with an agonizing smile on your face




  • It is difficult to decipher what the author says, may I address her as ‘you’? I don’t know what you were thinking back then as you wrote this beautiful piece of poetry, but I think you had found your meaning of love which is ‘nothing’. The truer depth of love is ‘nothing’, it has no reason behind it. There is no joy or sorrow or endorphins as people may say it, there for no reason at all. And it hits like a tsunami without warnings, without asking for it and we flow away with it being brushed and sanded along.
    I don’t know if I understood it correctly or not, but thank you for this lovely poem.
    Would love to see you slam it.

    Shavenraw Sheriffson
  • This poem just changes the understanding of the word love.
    Beautifully written poem??

  • It’s beautiful!!! STUNNING!! I LOVE THIS POEM. Great work …..keep it up cheers✌

    @bethat_guy :^)
  • This is amazing, babe. I want to read more. It’s so deep and mesmerising. Keep it up ❤

  • It’s really amazing ❤️❤️ it’s like someone putting up what I feel in words ? waiting for more such poems

  • Beautiful ???

  • I love the use of repetition in your poem it really amplifies it. ❤❤

  • ‘It has to be the hard rough road you sometimes tread on only to see a stupid sunrise on the other side.’
    Beautiful. Keep up the good work ❤❤

    Bhavya Sinha

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