That's All It Takes

By Shikha Bhargava

There was thunder

The clouds rattled with applause.

The night echoed

In deep silence,

A tribute

To the one man who survived it all.


There was a soldier.

He met with many wars.

Wounds wounded deep

Scars scarred forever

Pale was his ghost that walked.

He was bound by the chains of eternity.


Every step he held as dear

Every breath counted as last

A long way to go

He met a sage.

He met the ghosts of his past,

All the past that lived.


A strange turn…


A look behind

The cage opened.

The shadows were gone.

Subliminal airs

Crouching whispers

What is behind?


Go back!


“I don’t want to!

No, I shall not.”


About death

About the bees, the sting

That cut deep


Not yellow

But green


Could there be a lock?

A way to open it

A key misread

A crease on the face

May he



A good look is all it takes

They were all behind him

And, he had nowhere to go

The chains dragged on.

He escaped.

He bowed down…


A green flash

A mystical wonder

Is it a painting?

A starry-eyed sculpture, ethereal

A surreal carved identity

Of a human


The soft mesmerising glow

That flickered around its

Purple dress

It stood in space,

Just watching

But not moving


“Never, but now I go

Because I choose to go.

I go

Because I have lived,

Lived it all until its peak.

Can I wave away one last look?”


And that is all it takes.


  • Nicely written.

    Varun Jha
  • I can see it all happening..and that is all it takes to be a wonderful poetess.

  • I wonder why people have stopped writing poetry.
    You’re an inspiration to many.
    Love the poem.

    Gayathri mishra
  • Written from the heart.
    Well said.

    Ram Sagar
  • Subtle craftsmanship. It’s bold to be told.

  • “Never, but now I go

    Because I choose to go.

    I go"

    Said it all.

  • Great selection by Delhi Poetry Slam this year. This one’s surely one of the best. Love the mystery and the thrill behind it! Wonder how the poet is in real life…

    Mehek Lalwani
  • pleasant read. Matches the theme of the week quite well.

    Himani Chugh
  • Good title buddy!
    Write more soon.

    Akshay Gupta
  • love the way it’s written in free verse. Added to favourites!

    Varun Singhal
  • Bit spooky, but you can visualize the whole thing happening. Well written.

    Pinky Kapadia
  • Good writing style.

    Jasmeet Singh
  • Reminds me of the Christmas Carol in a way, where the chains are mentioned.
    Nice poem.

    Ajay Bansal
  • Love the way she’s captured the way people ‘move on’ in life.

    Sanjana Mishra
  • Beautifully written. Would love to read more poems of the writer.

    Sagar Pant

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