That's all I need...... Daddy!

By Krishna Dawda

A woman I was born,
Nurtured and loved,
I relished the shielding at times,
But, missed the perks given to your sons,
I wanted to spread my wings and fly;
You did what you felt was right,
I reconciled to the domestic art,
Happy and content,
Destiny reared its ugly head,
I wasn't equipped to handle life,
You thought you would live forever, 
And so did I,
I battle experiences no one knows,
Your worthy sons are making hay
while their sun shines,
I sense the futile anticipation of being a part,
If only frailty wasn't a curse,
Or your decision to curtail my rights,
If only you had roofed me secure
in place of the voluntary prize,
Your young lady would have stood in pride,
That's all I needed... Daddy, to be a bride of pride!
Now that you are gone,
I look up to you as a star in the sky,
Who shall brighten my path
and teach me to walk alone.


  • The most admired relation beautified with words!! Amazing Work!!

  • Daughters are the closest to their Daddies, their superheroes. If only they could also understand our need to fly high and stand equal with their sons.

    Each line spoke volumes, about that. Well written!

    Darshana Mehta
  • It’s touching ?
    Keep it up

    Shruti Gupta

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