That Unforgettable Night

Megha Upadhyay

Just as I was about to fall asleep,
I felt a sensation sudden and deep.
I felt my body itching, tickling and then having goosebumps,
and at that time, I couldn't even swallow my own saliva,
as if, in my throat, I had a lump.

It wasn't joy or excitement,but what enveloped me was fear,
the hand which was groping my chest was of a skeleton, I could see clear.
I tried to convince myself that I was hallucinating or maybe I had drank too much,
However, his actions proved it was real; as I could feel that cold yet burning touch.
Now matter how hard I tried, I couldn't control my train of thoughts ;
at one moment, I was struggling and at the other I would freeze like a dead body left to rot.

I closed my eyes, foolishly thinking that it will stop as long as I could ignore,
sure enough, I felt some movement and the so- called ' person' wasn't by my side anymore.
I heaved a sigh of relief, trying to calm myself down,
sat up on the bed, grabbed a cigarette ; doing it all without making a sound.

What I had just experienced was nothing, compared to what happened afterwards,
I heard a devilish laughter, odd footsteps, some whispers and the night bulb in the room went retard.
I admit that I had wet my clothes,
for fear of someone getting close.

I felt someone pushing me and I thumped on the bed,
someone forcefully hugging me, biting me and scratching me,
I was in so much pain as if bitten by a dog[mad].
An invisible force made me open my eyes
and made me look at that face.
Half only bones,half covered with wounds and scars;
blood dripping off the lips, and giving me a bone-piercing gaze.
I started to scream after having that disgusting yet scary sight,
my voice trembling,shaking and loud as if an animal getting slaughtered,
I began kicking in and out but 'He' wasn't even bothered.

He choked my throat and had me floating in the mid-air,
my body went numb when I was thrown on the bed from there.
Tearing all my clothes,he started licking on my body,
leaving those scarlet marks and pungent bloody scent,
I could feel blood oozing out when he bit my chin.
With all his might, he thrust his manhood in,
started to torture me as to punish me for a sin.

I could not keep a count of how many times he violated me,
after an unknown period, I fell unconscious or asleep maybe.
The next morning when I woke up,
with my body in pain and bruises designing me,
I had no choice but to accept the fate
that 'A Ghost' has taken my chastity.


  • very nice lines good keep rocking…

  • Awesome!!

  • Superb, very nice keep it up Talented Girl 🧒 👍❤️

    Shivank Khullar
  • Good

  • Superb. Very nice imagination. 😍💐
    Keep going dear.

    Mauli Jain
  • Keep going and definitely one day you will be the best 🔥❤

    Shivam upadhyay
  • Very nice, keep it up.
    god bless you.

    Arun jain

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