That Time of the Year

By Priyanka Kavish 'Nazm'
It's that time of the year!
A beer is what even the Gods of the caves are craving for,
And that group of miners in Dhanbad silently wishes that a gust of icy wind could caress their forehead,
A tired mother has probably wrapped a wet towel around her head as she cooks away in the kitchen,
The students in the college adjust their collars blowing a bit of cool air towards their chest because the fans are too up high,
A lone dog has somehow gotten lucky, he's found a sweet spot on a cool pile of sand,
Old uncles chatter away on park benches, their newspapers have now become hand fans that also shoo away the droning insects of the evening,
The kids from the road are taking turns drinking from the 'thanda paani bottle' they collectively paid for,
The trees have become a pale green and dry, looks like their friendly relationship with the sun isn't going so well for them,
The TV is rumbling about how this year's going to be hotter than before,
And we all run to stock Roohafza in our fridges,
One call to the ac men, to come see if everything's fine and that we'll be able to spend our nights comfortably,
You sweat a little bit more, you rue a little bit more
Welcome to the Indian Summer, darling,
Where the only happy camper is the sunflower.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indian Summer' 


  • Infused with splendour! ❤️

    Vatsal Sharma
  • Pardesi zubaan mein hindustaani dil ke jazbaat dalna koi aap se sikhe… 😍


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