That Night Under the Moon

Nivedita Shinde 

On a moonlit night under the silver filters we lay,
Wrapped in nothingness pulling each other our way,
His fingers cold against my warm skin bringing my body to sin, 
With the flicker of the moonlight i glow, 
Feeling every inch possessed ever so, 
My nails digging into his deepest desire, 
His fingers work through my body leaving a trail of fire, 
And that deep ache that longs for more, 
A sweet humdrum that leaves me sore, 
Yet i grind against him wrapped in pure lust and need, 
For we don't make love, 
Each touch is a thousand volts of electricity, 
Naked and vulnerable from dusk to dawn, 
Oh lord! Please! Yes ! shiver and moan, 
For such is possession and passion that comes, 
With the burning love of a thousand suns... 


  • @Apoorva mathur. Thank you :)

    Nivedita Shinde
  • I could feel that passion in your poem. Amazing! ❤️

    Apoorva Mathur
  • It is a phenomenal creation, choice of words is amazing, absolutely love it.

  • @charu chandwani thank you soo much

    Nivedita Shinde
  • “Wrapped in nothingness, pulling each other our way "
    This is achingly simple and so stunning!


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