That Maroon Armchair

Kinjal Jain

There’s a secret I want to share,
when someone calls out for me,
only a part of me is awake.
Rest of me is far away
sitting on the maroon armchair -
placed casually in the study
beside the shelf jammed with books,
and few diaries of my musings -
looking through the window
of my penthouse,
revering the stars holding a tea cup,
slurping slowly the ginger tea &
the moment of epiphany.

You know the moment & the maroon armchair
is nothing ordinary.
It is where my future –self awaits.
It is the Place
where, for the first time, I would
open the parcel (wonder-struck!)
& breathe in all the stardust
sprinkled on the new book – my very own book.
I would listen to the symphony of the turning pages.
I would dance upon the rhymes, the odes & the lyrics.
I would hold the book close,
like a mother embracing her child for the first time,
& I would sleep, not to dream, but just to be.


  • Wish you a happy and self designed future.

    Mujtaba Shah
  • Lyrical and majestic

    V k Arora
  • Beautiful! You have such a powerful way with words. ✍🏻✨🌟♥️

    Utkarsh Sharma
  • Intriguing ………wish to see you on the maroon armchair soon 👌👌👏🏻👏🏻

    Priyanka Joshi
  • Your words , your imagination… It’s telepathic… I am sure, whosoever reads this.. Will picture himself/herself on that maroon chair.
    Your poetry has a texture of calmness and suddenly the time stops for the reader. Beautiful.

  • Wonderful poem Kinjal . Your imagination, your feelings and your befitting words gives us a heart touching massage of your talent.In fact you are future of English poem and literature.

    Dr. S.R. Jain
  • Beautiful.. a person reading if has a dream can totally live the lines as it’s read… I am not great to express in words… But I feel if you can imagine yourself in the lines written.. then the purpose of writing is done.. and I was there ..on the Maroon chair..

  • Wonderful expression, felt like living the moment.

    Rohit Jain
  • Power to your dreams! Beautifully penned!

    Ashish Mehta
  • Your poems are synonymous of your own beauty, Kinjal! I hope that this new beginning helps you inch real closer to making this magical secret come true. Congratulations 👏💓

    Shreshta Joy
  • Breathe in all the star dust was jus marvellous

    Saleem Anwar
  • Exactly the kind of magical lyricism that I’ve come to expect from my favorite poetess!💙

    Prakrit Kamra
  • Beautiful…

  • Captivating!

    kavin parekh
  • Wow superb…😍😍😍

    Hiral Jain
  • Amazing piece….!!!

    Urvashi Sharma
  • Beautifully written!!! 😌

    Sonali Jain
  • Wow . amazing

  • Amazing❤️

    Payal Khandelwal
  • Nice..

    Shivani Bairathi
  • Amazing.. just woww

    Arpit Bairathi
  • Wowwwww… beautiful lines by a passionate dreamer.♥️

    sakshi jain
  • It made me realise that I too have a maroon armchair , I guess everyone does in their own word .

    Sanjana Vijayvargia
  • A true dreamer narrating her dream in the most beautiful way.❤❤❤❤

    Akshay khandelwal
  • Wonderful Poem…. ✨😍

    Archita Jain

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