That girl in garnet

By Indrima Upadhyay

She chases the solitude of nothingness
She is the citadel of shyness.
Always unfathomed and untainted
Her soul feral and curious.
She is raised from the ashes
And forged in fire
She walks with poise
On a boulevard of briar
And her veins write a story
Of strength in a perfect calligraphy

After all she is hurricane and sunshine rolled in one.
Life has left on her it’s gorgeous emblazon.
Crucified time and again by erudite discussion.
She spares herself for ravenous exploration
She is a maiden with no interest in knight
Rather in a sword of her own.
She is that princess who saves the prince
And kills the dragon.

She may get hurt but never falters to her knees.
Vim, vivacity and poise she breathes
She is neither a conundrum to be solved
Nor a panacea to be kept.

She is just sorcery personified.
And who dare deny
She is an apocalypse
Not the kind you run from
But the kind you crave to chase

And oh my darling if you don't already know
You're lucky to have danced in her sunshine,
For each night are stars dovetailed 
In a net of constellations 
Only to give us all a testament
Of the queer life of the girl in garnet!


  • Thanks a lot. :-)

    Indrima Upadhyay
  • Congratulations?

    saroj karnatak
  • Thanks a lot for all the kind words and appreciation. This really motivates me.

    Indrima Upadhyay
  • I used ‘She’ and not ‘I’ because this makes ‘her’ more of an every woman and this isn’t an exclusive story. I feel that every woman is a story of strength in the making.

    Indrima Upadhyay
  • Well done bachha
    Beautiful poem
    Proud of you

    Nidhi Mishra
  • Congratulations didi…Beautiful poem!

  • Congratulations dear Indrima. Well expressed and thoughtful poem. God bless you.

    Suresh Kumar Mishra
  • A great creative effort, Dear Indrima. Congratulations. God bless you.

    Anju Sharma
  • A great creative effort, Dear Indrima. Congratulations. God bless you.

    Anju Sharma
  • Can’t but think, why ‘she’ and not ‘I’ ….

    Jayant Tewari
  • Congratulations Indrima.
    Well expressed, … Proud of u

    Neeta singh
  • Congratulations !!! Very nice and amazing poem written by you dear Indrima. More and more laurels are awaiting you. Keep it up…………

    Uma singh
  • Intriguingly well written prom. Wishing you all the best Indrima ?

    S. Upadhyay
  • Thank you Dr. Ipshita.

    Indrima Upadhyay
  • You rock girl and your words will rock the world!

    Ipshita Upadhyay
  • You rock girl and your words will rock the world?❤

    Ipshita Upadhyay
  • Thanks a lot Rina Ma’am and Prerna ma’am for your appreciation and wishes. Means a lot.

    Indrima Upadhyay
  • Congratulations dear. A beautiful piece of work. Wishing you the very best

    Prerna Kapila
  • On this achievement,I wish U hearty Congratulations….May ur life always shower U with such great success and happiness ….Well Done

    Rina Gupta
  • Great poem.
    Indrima your poem is pertinent and thought provoking.
    You very rightly narrated the story of a sensitive and responsible creature.

    Ajay kumar
  • Congratulations Indrima
    Amazingly beautiful poem
    A masterpiece
    Thought provoking


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