That Curly Haired Girl

By Kanika Manoj Chablani

As a girl, I was quite often asked 
The type of boy I would end up to like 
But when I first laid my eyes on her 
I said pointing, that she was my type 

That girl with long and curly hair 
That girl with a beautiful smile 
That girl, when I would see her 
My eyes would gleam with joy 

A rose quartz pendant around her neck 
With a voice which soothes my soul 
My only one, my fragile damsel 
How with you, I can't be in love 

The perfect girl, the favourite child
For a daughter so good and strong  
My mother would end up living in denial 
She would wonder what really went wrong 

The taboo, the society and me coming out
As I bear, all of my naked soul 
I once loved boys, but the story turned around 
I think I'd have to change when I grow old 

Love is blind, that's what they say 
It's just a same gender's pair of lips I'll kiss
Eyes still open wide on lesbians and gays  
But I know I'll be living with my bliss
For a love that got out the best in me 
The one for which I shed my mask 
The homo-phobics may cause me to bleed 
But love is a connection of soul and heart
It never saw the age, it never saw the colour
For it has happened beyond all boundaries 
It never saw the body, it never saw the gender
For love, it grows out of impossibilities 


  • Thank you so much for the amazing comments!!! :)

    Kanika Chablani
  • Beautiful poem.

    Sanya Jain
  • “For love, it grows out of impossibilities.”
    This line will remain with me for a long time. Beautifully written poem. Thank you!

    Divya Mondal

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