That Crazy Night!


And my neighbour rings the bell at 11 in the night ,
He's the guy I crush upon so my eyes glow bright. 
As usual I thought he was up for a coffee and some gossip , 
But tonight ours was to be some other trip ,
Get in and tell me how are you dear,
"It's really getting hot in here."
The rising temperature's hard to bear,
Lets give each other that googly stare.
We held tightly like never before,
Came as close as sea to the shore.
His eyes, ears and lips were thirsty to its core,
It turned obvious that tonight he was to score.
With the mutual seduction,
The clothes went into reduction,
Soon, his lips were over mine ,
The rusty touch of his beard seemed so fine.
Now mine start to suck his lips ,
And his hands go down on my hips ,
From top to bottom embracing my curves ,
Oh man! He got me feeling my nerves.
Behind his ears tickle my fingertips ,
As we struggle to grab our suitable grips.
Over and again our tongues and lips flip ,
The lower one getting those intermittent nips ,
And now he does shift his hands to my bust quick ,
Enhancing them with the slightest tweak,
My twins pleasured by those caressing flicks ,
And flattered too by his softest, soothing licks.
His little troops creating those sensational loops ,
Are completely satisfying my long-starved boobs.
All this while my hands run up and down his ribs,
As he perfectly answers my soaring cribs. 
Until now we knew not what was the real flow 
When slowly we moved to the riches below ,
In no time the whole of our bodies entangled ,
And our lascivious selves jangled .
Against the bed , against the walls , against the floor we lie , 
Look how the erogenous forces tie ,
Didn't know that the intercourse zone was so dry ,
Just then I experience the glandular cry.
Now we were unknowingly exploring every inch ,
Our entire body pulsating with the other's pinge ,
We were growing wild and wet, faded in each other's tinge ,
And all of this was such a carnal binge.
His muscular efforts and the appreciable tones ,
Gave rise to his much awaited moans and groans ,
Now a sure thing for all of my head to heel ,
Emerged victorious with the orgasmic feel.
Our eyes met again all straight ,
That immense pleasure of doing it all great,
Never thought that one momentary sexual attraction 
Could lead to those actions with one hell of a satisfaction.
I wanted him and the night to stay ,
All relaxed and cuddled on the bed we lay.
We knew it was our infatuated play ,
Only to realise we just mimicked fifty shades of grey!


  • Thank you Raj Sullivan :)

  • Visual storytelling at its best! Your poem is like a movie.

    Raj Sullivan

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