By Urvashi Shehra 

The things that we love mold us into what we are. 

My mother told me a fable 

When I was twelve

She said " Never wait for a prince charming ” 

He himself is waiting for you

Tackle all your problems by yourself 

Would you like to welcome him in a mess? 


My dad keeps on reciting a quote in my ear

He says " Kindness is the best outfit my princess could ever wear ” 

The face would eventually lose its shine 

The heart would be same no matter the time 


Taylor Swift taught me a lesson 

"Pain is inevitable darkness" 

She experienced either you could let it destroy you or make you stronger 

Use all the darkness to sharpen your senses 

So that nothing could stop you 


He taught me one thing 

He said " Best always has haters ” 

Never care about the hate thrown at you

Could anything snatch away strawberry taste? 


I’ve learned so many secrets to happiness 

From Colleen Hoover to polar bear

To that candy of my life

They all say " Follow your heart” 

I will say today " I’m doing good so far because of all of you” 

I’ll always shine brighter than the stars 

Will not even bother about scars

As all of you taught me so much 

That I could win all the wars


  • You Go Girl!!
    And Follow Your Heart!! ? ?

    Avishek Singh
  • Thank you, Akhil.

    Urvashi Shehra
  • Thank you, Vivek.

    Urvashi Shehra
  • Colleen Hoover is my favorite author and Polar Bear is one of my very good friend. They both have inspired me so much.

    Urvashi Shehra
  • so nicely written.. god bless u.. you’re the best

    Vivek Sharma
  • “From Colleen Hoover to polar bear”. Loved this line.

    Akhil Sachan
  • “From Colleen Hoover to polar bear” ???

    Akhil Sachan

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