Taking Load-off

Drishty kumar

Every night she sneaks away from him
To find a sound place
To show some love to herself
That she deserves
While most sensual songs fill her ears
Longing thrived all over her parts
She licked her fingers
That are long, sleek and soft as feather
Like a kitty licking her paws.
Things reached down there
Her lady parts were covered in laces
She loved laces, a lot
Encircling those curls under silk cover
She titillated her button bean
Slow, much slower, then round and round
Sometimes up and down
Her lips cheered up
Both, horizontal and vertical
Legs widened
Making way for fingers to dig more
Juices flew down honeypot
Like a beautiful small waterfall
Now the urge has increased
And so, the movement of fingers
Soon her mouth forms the big o
Her muscles relax
Physical need satisfied
“When will we have a satisfying intercourse?”
Looking at her husband she thought
And set off to sleep
To make more love in dreams.

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