Sweet Valentine

Devaneeta Choudhury

A six year old heard a beautiful thing at school,

That love had a day with a name so fine,

He rushed home from lessons that afternoon,

Dear mother, you are my first valentine.


The old man sat on the porch when dawn set in,

Laughing and sharing a gorgeous glass of wine,

Even after 40 years since the day of their wedding,

He felt just the same for his perfect valentine.


She travelled quite a distance to see her best friend,

Knowing his habits she reached sharp at nine,

There he was standing with a smile end to end,

Happiness, was meeting his favorite valentine.


A widower was working late like every other night,

Worrying about his daughter and grieving his dead wife,

Something that night brought tears and a smile,

Baby girl had written him a card from his late valentine.


She came home exhausted after a very long fight,

Her supposed lover didn’t treat her well and right,

Love at home greeted her with excitement in his eyes,

She picked him up and nuzzled her furry valentine.


Broken or imperfect, gullible or unrefined,

Love has no barriers, or limits drawn with a line,

He may be family or she may be a friend,

Where there is love, it meets sweet valentine.

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