Survivors Of Indifference

By Shiney E. Miracula 
Who are they? What are they doing on streets? 
Unpampered little children, without proper clothes, not a sight that greets 
Many in the morning. No one spares a moment to worry
And no one cares to know their story. 
Homeless children living in streets and death due to poverty is still a reality. 
Yet we don't respond to such shocking truths in our society.
On a odd day, when our hearts are overwhelming with charity
We may give a penny. But have we ever thought about the existing disparity? 
The street children, the little survivors who never take much of our thoughts
Stay around in neighborhood like abandoned pots
From which fragile flowers still grows
With a feeble scent no one ever knows. 
Hunger filled stomach, yearning eyes 
Sad faces facing life which like a endless desert lies 
Before them threatening their existence everyday.
Why is there never a way 
Out for them? 
Is it their sin 
To be born in a poor family? So, should they never win
In life
Dealing only with strife? 
What makes them stay the way they are? 
Is it poverty, society,  parents or 
Is it just the indifference 
Of everyone who does not want to or will not make a difference?
It is not destiny that their days should be filled with sorrowful shades
And no hope is for tomorrow as life fades 
Away with nothing to hold on. 
It's up to us to do not just something and move on. 
Decades have been lost
It's time to do something that truly last.
Government, NGO's and anyone who can do 
Should strive and add some bright hue 
In their lives. Home, food and education - every child should get 
This should be our resolution target.
So long they have survived our indifference.
Now it's time, we lift them up and make a difference. 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'

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    Ritika Chowdhary

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