My eyes and finger tips
in sync with the music beats,
that make their way through my ears to the head;
oh see how my brain’s breaking bricks.
Of loneliness and boredom,
And so much more, who cares?
Once down with laziness and lame escapes,
Now, a song is trying to push me out of my chair!
I nod to it, tap to it,
Every beat feels like running Sparks through my nerves,
I speak it all out through my Smile so wide,
And hit on the chair’s hand so hard, that my dog even bends and curves…
I know I can’t step down and dance,
I can’t ,no more, sing aloud or gallop!
The crash cost me my voice and my legs,
Yet it couldn’t break my strong home of hope!
I draw and Click and water my garden,
I pen down my story of loss and repair,
Of how I fight my dangling confidence,
Of how I try to slowly unburden myself of despair!
There is nobody out there who is not broken,
powerful are those who fill in the breaks with gold and try be extraordinary…
It inspires me to work on myself with all love, ’cause only I can be my superhero!
So I suffuse my world with positivism and try to break down all my boundaries.
I don’t know how hard or easy this is going to be,
But I will strive to strike the right chords.
I do not plan to touch the sky tomorrow,

But I will create a ground of no regrets, smashing all odds!

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'


  • This is beyond words!! Wish this could be made into a rap song someday! ❤️

  • Beautiful ❣️

    Vinita Upadhyay
  • Very moving and powerful!

  • Congrats on your winning 😁 beautiful try

    Yashi Mahendra
  • Talented writing

  • Enthralling talented energetic writing

    Sitakanta prusty
  • Stubborn heart in despair

    Jagabandhu Nayak
  • powerful.. 👍

  • Thank you @delhipoetryslam 😊

    Iti Ipsita
  • It really brings beautiful pictures to mind


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