By Ashi Bansal



The most indian thing about is me is my superstitious self! From the childhood I was taught to not cross a road as soon as I see a cat cross one before me.
But now I wonder was it really some omen or just a tale told by a boy afraid of cats to look cool in front of his friends.

As i grew up and started helping my mom with the chores, I was strictly advised to not use a broom after the Sun sets or else the wealth of the house will be swiped away as well.
But thinking back to it now I quite wonder whether it was just a smart trick to help people before the artificial light was invented so that they don't throw away something precious in the dark.

When I hit the puberty I was suddenly stopped from entering temple or any place of holy. It was a struck and it quite hurt. I was held back from doing any other chores too. I was confused and felt like an outcast. When I asked my Ma what I was doing so wrong in those four days that God suddenly hated me. fortunately she replied " may be it was a way for us women to have rest otherwise you know how we are always expected to work without taking a breath" 
I nodded still not satisfied but atleast it didn't sound that bad.

Now that had I crossed the age where now I see myself as a superstitious expertise, I suddenly found a new superstition myself. But this one felt legit.
Believe me sooner or later this will come true!
If you rape a girl your whole future will be nothing but a deep dark hollow and the saddest part is you will be not falling alone.
If you try to outrage her modesty you are starting the omen, you are inviting nothing but shame!
Believe me I can feel it after all I am a superstitious person myself! An expert to be exact and this one is exactly what it seems like.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • What a beautiful writing!!! Keep it up and i am so proud of you💕

  • What a beautiful way of putting such thoughtful words in a poem. Very very amazing. So proud of you. Keep going❤️

    Ms. Cullen
  • such a catchy poem

  • So well penned!

    Pragnya Paramita
  • Beautiful poem 😍 Loved the theme ❤❤

  • Sooooo apt, Keeeppp writinggg beautiful

  • Very well penned♥️

  • Such an amazing poem❤️❤️

    Yukta Moktan
  • Very relatable, keep writing! 🌻🌻

    Priyanka Basumatary
  • Honest and beautiful! ❤️

    Mayank Pratap

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