Summers Apart

By Sukanya Bhuyan


Yellow shower of Azadirachta and a gentle breeze

Welcome me into springtide,

Sweet summer aroma of its flowers

Trigger memories of childhood

Spent in dusty streets chasing butterflies.


Summer resonated the vibrations of steel and china,

The savouring of fresh lemonade and squishy mangoes,

The vibrant petunias and pansies in my garden

Daring me to seek munias and flycatchers

While I relished collecting dews from leaflets.


Spectacular evenings were devoted to

Watching the scarlet sun disappear

Behind the magnificent mountains

From the podium of my sacrosanct balcony,

And admiring the lush greenery

Coming alive from the fervent rain,

While some delightful yet poignant melodies

Were played on a harmonium in the background.


1000 miles away from home,

Amidst skyscrapers and trapped cars on the road,

Summer is a rush of hot wind

Exhaled on my face,

Choking my hardened tan of skin.


Sweaty palms, sweaty soles

And sweaty souls

Trying to find equilibrium in this state of instability.

A sporadic drizzle

Tries to attain that familiar petrichor

And quench the parched soil,

Much like the roots of my withering lavender

Try incessantly clinging to floppy earth.       

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indian Summer'  


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