Sudden Remorse

More of the aspirations they aspire,
Level of  their confidence grow,
Believing me worthy enough,
Hopes in their heart also grow.
All fear me out of my wits,
I'm incapable, wholly in a fix.
Just a glee, I wanted to see,
But, the aftermath reciprocated
A sudden epiphany.
It all aggravated with a lie,
The guilt of which is shuddering
me from inside,
A hurricane of disputes is 
conflicting in my mind,
A state which seems 
More like intertwined,
It's like I'm entirely fenced and confined,
Just a salvation, I need to find.
I wish to revert that phone call,
From my hostel to my home's hall,
One more chance,
I again want to clear it all.
I need to take my words back,
Agreeing upon which, 
they were taken aback.
I concur, I lied,
I confess, I hide,
But my scores could not abide,
Everybody except me, did it right,
But thy child, 
Just lost the fight.
Earlier merely regretted the lie,
Now, the expectations also sigh,
Somewhere amidst the sky,
My wings shiver to fly.
I apologise for such a step,
I feel sorry for all the mess,
Forgiveness is the only way,
That can help me out of these , 
Distressed and depressed days.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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