Arjama Bakshi

This concrete lilac submarine of mine
floats, distantly,
there are no clouds on my sky,
This smoke around me is from the nearby factories
that produces babies of illusions, mindless,
without the powers to fly.
My submarine floats above a sphere, I watch them
no no no no no,
as they are coloured with agony.
My submarine keeps me safe from the noises,
it shows me the dreams of the dandelions,
the other side of the rainbow.

my hearth
my submarine


  • Beautifully penned down..

    Ivy Saha
  • This is so heartwarming and beautiful inspite of the painful reality presented. You are doing great. <3

    Debashruti Hazra
  • This write-up is beautifully penned down. So so so proud of you. Lots of love and care.

    Mercy Nag

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