Strings of Wisdom

By Shikha Bhargava

Strings of wisdom

Breaking down her heart

Pearl necklaces and sea bands

Circling, purpling down her heart

She was standing by the poolside

Waiting for her rainbow slumber.

But, perhaps she did not know of

The oceans waves basking in her shore.

So, she entered a round of

Sunlit necklaces and rainbow pearls

Waiting on her balcony as her powder purses lay scattered by.

She left her branch and came to get you.

But, little did she know that you had won

The circling rounds of diamond necklaces

So, she kept quiet and did her work

Quietly, on her own.

Then, when from slumber she arose,

She froze.

For, there you were,

Waiting beside her

As she counted

All her necklaces and sunlit diamonds.

Two days went by.

Still, there was no answer from you.

So, she kept quietly to her self

And quietly did all her work.

The rainbows turned out to be


She left them all,

All but one,

Which she kept for herself

On her golden rainbow sunlight path.

All but her own

They were hers to keep,

And you owed her no sunlit diamonds.


  • Touched my heart.
    Loved it.

  • Quite intense.

  • Wow!

  • Paints like a picture, rolls like a reel.

    Ravi Chand Punia
  • Like your writing style.

  • Loved it!

  • Neat poem. Keep it up!


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