Street Angels

By Aishwarya Waipang


Pankaj was his name, a special boy,

He was children of the street,

Smile like a ray of sunshine, he used to run on the border road begging,

He used to beg everyone but spared me,

He used to bring me popcorns with his extra income,

Rebelled his own other street friends when they followed to beg me,

He had big dreams, once he said; he wanted to study but is obligated to beg,

Such positivity radiating from his innocent eyes,

He and his counterparts running around whole day from dawn to dusk,

Sleeping on the streets, these are the children with purity,

Untouched by the vicious world, living in their own bubble,

These little angels have faced adversity at a very young age,

And have even learned to be resilient,

The souls chooses their path, and for the path, these street angels have chosen,

Is the reason they are "brave souls" of the society,

Pankaj! The 'special boy' vanished one day,

I hoped to see him for a long time, but was nowhere to be seen,

He was adopted, I heard later!

He found a home,

His dreams came true, his thoughts became reality.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'

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  • Beautiful ❤️

    Bella Rai

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